Preconference Symposia
Symposia is supported by OSGF
Attendance free

Moderators: Tamar Gagoshidze, Rusudan Bochorishvili, Nino Tisntsadze, Georgian Coalition of ECI Organizations.
Contributors: Emily Vargas Baron (USA), Carl Dunst (USA), Nino Tatishvili (Georgia), Nino Odisharia (Goergia), Sophio Tatishvili (Georgia), Khatuna Dolidze (Georgia)

It’s a very well-known fact that a coherent early intervention system is crucial for the achievement of advanced results in the field of early childhood development and prevention of childhood disability. Moreover, EI system development in Low and Middle income countries is more critical and at the same time it encounters more obstacles in the course of its implementation. Various presentations will help participants to build up a broad picture of the barriers in Georgia, as the country which was severely influenced by Soviet system, but also will show how attitudes have changed in the course of last 20 years. Representatives of this field will be granted the opportunity during the main part of our symposium to present the development of a nationwide ECI system, quality management of state ECI services, advocacy work and collaboration with stakeholders. Right at the end of our symposium will be introduce legislative basis of the development of ECI and EPE systems and also new initiatives of Georgian State, non-governmental and higher educational institutions/organizations.

Emily Vargas Baron, Rise Institute. Developing a National System for Early Childhood Intervention
Carl Dunst, Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute. Value-added benefits of the interest-based learning of young children with disabilities or delays
Nino Tatishvili, Difficulties in early identification of children at risk in Georgia. President of GAPN, President of Georgian LAE.
Nino Odisharia, Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Defence. Overview of Georgian National Early Childhood Intervention System.

Rusudan Bochorishvili, Georgian Coalition of ECI Organizations. Development of ECI System in Georgia: Achievements and Challenges
Khatuna Dolidze, Ilia State University. Georgian experience with respect to bringing together ECI and inclusive early preschool education (EPE).
Nino Tsintsadze, Georgian Portage Association. Development of educational programs for ECI and EPE professionals.